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Design Services

Kerr Controls recognizes the unique demands of your business. We place a heavy focus on identifying our clients’ specific needs and complexity requirements. Each client is individually assessed to ensure their building automation systems will operate at maximum efficiency.
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  • As an authorized dealer for both KMC and Reliable Controls, Kerr Controls is able to choose from a larger and more specialized selection of products. These options help us, and you, to choose the perfect product for each of your sites and applications.

Energy Management

Properly tuned building automation systems can reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings by approximately 29% on average. 1. (citation)
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  • Our clients typically see energy savings of 20% to 40% from retrofitting their building automation systems. Notably these results have been achieved from retrofitting the controls system only, without making changes to mechanical equipment.
  • 1. 2017 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Study PNNL-25985"

Maintenance Programs

The building automation system, including all related HVAC and mechanical equipment, must be periodically serviced to ensure system reliability and prevent equipment faults. A preventive maintenance program can extend equipment life and reduce system down time.
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  • Whether it is a seasonal equipment inspection or a comprehensive preventive maintenance program, we can create a schedule tailored to your facility’s equipment and your organization’s unique needs.

Installation Services

Members of our friendly and professional Installation Team are fully certified and formally trained as both Journeyman Electricians and Building Automation System [BAS] Technicians.
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  • Kerr Controls supports and emphasizes continual learning, ensuring that our team continues to provide you with the latest technologies. Special attention is paid to developments in BACnet and web-based systems.
  • Our customized, intuitive graphics bring complete access to building operation information, system monitoring, and energy consumption data right to your fingertips.


The user-friendly graphic interfaces and touch screen technology of today’s building management systems make it very easy for the building operator to monitor and control building systems. As required by your organization, we can provide training for all levels of users.

Commercial Electrical Services

Kerr Controls Inc. provides commercial electrical services including: electrical installation, troubleshooting and repairs, system maintenance and lighting audits and retrofits.

System Support

Kerr Controls provides ongoing service and support to ensure your long-term success. These services include; ongoing system and schedule adjustments, hardware verification, alarm monitoring, graphics updates, trend logs software and programming updates.
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  • Preferred pricing for firmware and software upgrades is guaranteed to clients who have service contracts with us.

Repair & Emergency Services

Breakdowns can be costly and inconvenient. We have a fleet of service vehicles to provide prompt repair services for building controls, HVAC, and mechanical equipment. As an optional service, we can provide your facility with 24-hour emergency response service to quickly restore normal operations and reduce down time.

Air & Fluid Balancing Services

Kerr Controls Inc. has specialized equipment for balancing air and fluid. Air flow balancing is performed to optimize the operation of the HVAC system. This will improve air quality, increase building comfort and ensure workplace standards are achieved.

Fully Managed Services

We can expand your internal capacity.
Few organizations have the internal capacity to operate, monitor, and maintain their automated facilities, let alone keep pace with constantly advancing technologies. That’s where we come in. With our “Fully Managed” services, we act as your Building Automation Department and fill the gaps in your facility management department for as long as you need. Regardless of whether it’s temporary or for the long-term, we’ll provide you with leadership, planning, prevention and repairs for your building and set you up for long-term success.


Serving airports, schools, municipalities, and other commercial and institutional clients in metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island.
We are a hybrid IoT / construction company.



Today’s Facility Managers and Owners are seeking building solutions which not only provide basic maintenance but are preemptive and proactive in cost control and minimizing operational disruption.


Our History

Since 2001, Kerr Controls has been serving airports, schools, municipalities, and other commercial and institutional clients in metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island. We’re a hybrid IoT / construction company, and our team are experts at making internet-connected buildings and mechanical devices operate flawlessly.

We invest in our team and our partnerships – that’s why having a good fit is important to us! We’re proud to work collaboratively both internally and externally, and we aspire to support both clients and employees in achieving their goals.

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Our Speciality

Complex buildings are where we shine. Our professional team includes in-house Software Programmers and Graphics Technicians. They contribute the skills and expertise to our team needed for maximizing the return on investments by customizing software to the specific needs of building sites.

Our graphics technicians work with building operators to tailor graphics interfaces for an intuitive user experience. Meanwhile, our programmers ensure optimal energy usage, equipment operation, and building comfort.

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Member Organizations:

Kerr Controls Inc. is a member of the following organizations:

ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC)
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers)
VICA (Vancouver Island Construction Association)
BCCA Employee Benefits (BC Construction Association)

Comply Works - Keeping workers safe

Kerr Controls Inc. is subscribed to ComplyWorks Ltd. and is certified ‘Ready to Work’.

Over 43,000 companies have used ComplyWorks to reduce risk and Get Ready to Work™, helping streamline supplier, workforce and worksite.



CEO Mike Kerr trains and leads a team of technicians specializing in electronics, mechanics, and computing.  Executive Christy Kerr manages finances, human resources and administration. Our installers are journeyman electricians and controls technicians who work collaboratively with each other and our clients, contractors, and suppliers. Our programmers custom design your software to fit buildings’ particular needs, and our graphics technicians tailor user interfaces for simplicity and ease of use.



AScT. President

Kerr Controls Inc. was founded in 2001 by Mike Kerr, a construction industry professional of over 25 years.

Mike is an Applied Science Technologist and a Certified Journeyman Electrician. He has Diploma of Technology from BCIT in Electronics and Instrumentation, and is a Factory Certified controls technician with training on Reliable Controls, KMC Controls, Delta Controls and other products.


Manager Finance and Administrator

Christy has over 20 years of experience in financial management, human resources, change management and adaptive communication. She holds a Diploma of Technology from BCIT in Business Administration and is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner.

In her spare time, Christy is an advocate for employee benefits and a recreational triathlete.


Office Administrator, Dispatch

Suzanne has 20 years’ experience in client care and building and maintaining customer relationships in various industries in Canada and the UK. She is detail-oriented and has a genuine enthusiasm for assisting clients.

Beware her sharp wit and uniquely British humour.


Operations Manager

Chad is a Certified Journeyman Electrician and a Factory Certified Controls Technician for Reliable Controls and KMC Controls products.

He has been an integral part of the employed at Kerr Controls team since 2005 and has several years of experience as project manager for controls retrofit and installation projects. Chad’s other title is “2IC” and he is a great resource for technical issues.


Senior Controls Technician, Dipl.T.

Phil has a Diploma of Technology from BCIT in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a senior-level controls technician and highly skilled in networking and programming. He is Factory Certified for Reliable Controls and knowledgeable in BACnet, Modbus, and Delta products.


Office Administrator/Dispatch


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Software Expertise + Mechanical Knowledge + Top Quality Products

Kerr Controls Inc. brings the latest technology to our clients’ buildings. We provide automation solutions for every size of facility, from stand-alone panels to multiple-site integrated systems.

We offer clients the latest in wireless and touch screen technologies in order for you to access the vast opportunities available for your cost savings and system enhancements.

Our in-house Graphics Technician creates your buildings’ own customized, intuitive graphics in order to optimize your success.

Kerr Controls Inc. also provides web-based automation solutions and training, bringing complete access to building operation information, system monitoring and energy consumption data to our clients’ own fingertips.

Building Automation Systems (BAS)
System Support

Kerr Controls Inc. provides ongoing support and service, including hardware verification, alarm monitoring, schedule adjustments, graphics updates, trend logs software and programming updates.We offer implementation of support programs to suit your facility’s requirements, and guarantee you preferred pricing for firmware and software upgrades.

Energy Management

Our highly qualified team keeps up with the latest ASHRAE energy management strategies to help our clients achieve an optimal balance of energy savings and comfort in their facilities.

We have a rigorous commissioning process which includes verifying system operation at intervals for 12 months post-project.

We offer continual optimization services to ensure that systems provide maximum benefit as the building environment evolves.


The user-friendly graphic interfaces and touch screen technology of today’s building automation systems make it very easy for the building operator to monitor and control building systems. As required by your organization, we can provide training for all levels of users.

Other energy management services include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Equipment Metering
  • Analytics & Reporting

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We're committed to providing long-term career opportunities + training opportunities + comprehensive benefits + a friendly workplace environment.

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ENERGY MANAGER, District of North Vancouver
“We’re wrapping up our third project in almost a year – a control upgrade at Ops Centre. It’s working so much better, and we’re already seeing dramatic savings: 40% over the summer. Mike and the crew literally moved in and got to know the people at the building; they have a real sense of ownership. They’ve been super responsive. The people on site are fantastic, and the programmers on the Island will make a change immediately. They’re earning me so much good will! I’ve made promises and they’ve made them all come true. They’ve been spectacular. I hope to work with them again, right away.”
Since the introduction, set up and running of the DDC program here at Sussex Place, Kerr Controls has been an integral part of its success. The operation, management and resources provided by Kerr Controls have been most excellent. Their approach, professionalism, knowledge and response time continue to be the most valuable tools for a client.”




“On my part, I have been very satisfied with your staff’s professionalism, willingness to help, response time and good humour.”


DIRECTOR, FACILITIES, Victoria Airport Authority
“Over the last 15+ years I have had the opportunity to work closely with Kerr Controls Inc and their staff on so many projects, big and small. KCI staff are highly approachable, capable and thoughtful. Their knowledge and skill sets are broad and the work completed always represents real value. KCI has been a great company to do business with.”

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